How to improve LinkedIn SSI in 4 simple steps!

How to improve LinkedIn SSI in 4 simple steps!

Improve LinkedIn SSI – This indicator considers a series of factors to assess how relevant your profile and actions on the social network are. Among the most critical factors, academic training and profile experience are among the main ones.

To find your SSI, access Sales Navigator and log into your account. The tool shows your score, as well as a comparison between people in your segment and your network.

Are you below average, or do you want to improve your score? You only need 4 steps to increase your grade. Please keep reading to find out what they are!

What is LinkedIn SSI?

SSI, or Social Selling Index, measures your ability to “sell yourself” on LinkedIn.

This indicator ranges from 0 to 100, demonstrating how much you can “sell” yourself as a professional on the platform.

The higher your score, the more relevant your profile is within the social network. To arrive at this indicator, LinkedIn evaluates four main points:

  • Establishing a professional brand is the construction of a complete professional profile. It analyzes the degree of profile completion, choice of media, cover photo, and other factors.
  • Finding the right people is the process of prospecting and looking for people. The platform calculates, based on your people searches, profile views for exploration, and days of activity, among other factors, how your networking capacity is going.
  • Engage with insights: the ability to interact and share relevant information with your network. In this topic, the tool evaluates interactions made and received, shares, and group registrations, among other factors.
  • Building solid relationships is expanding your network and reaching potential clients/employers. Connections and request acceptance rates are examples.

Why Knowing Your SSI Is Important

To understand the importance of LinkedIn’s SSI, you need to understand this social network’s influence when bringing new opportunities to your career.

To begin with, LinkedIn is a corporate social network created precisely to promote a space for more connections and relationships between professionals and companies. In other words, when a business looks for new talent, this is one of the main platforms the recruiter uses.

Check out some exciting indicators about this platform:

  • There are more than 850 million members with more than 58 million registered companies;
  • 87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn.

Therefore, it is a social network that allows networking and finding new job opportunities.

In this sense, SSI is an essential indicator of how your LinkedIn profile is doing and the real impact of your activities on the social network. In other words, to know if you are using the platform efficiently — and that it will bring more results to your career.

Therefore, knowing your SSI and how to improve it is an excellent strategy for becoming relevant on LinkedIn and increasing your chances of getting the ideal job.

4 steps to boost your SSI on LinkedIn

In addition to a good CV, professionals who want to achieve results on LinkedIn need a good SSI. Check out 4 steps to improve your score:

1. Create a complete profile

First, analyze your network profile and try to fill out all the fields strategically. Check out some suggestions on how to improve:

  • Take a professional photo: your profile photo is the recruiter’s first contact with you. So, choose a photograph that conveys what you want to communicate with your work: credibility, creativity, and lightness, among other emotions.
  • Select an exciting cover photo: Your cover should reflect some of your professional style. You can choose a picture of an essential moment in your career or a stock image representing your work.
  • Use strategic keywords: what are the keywords related to your work? For example, assuming you are a web developer, some key terms are web developer | website development | JavaScript.
  • Make a good description: the summary is a space to show a little of your personality and professional summary. It is worth including differences, motivation, skills, objectives, and achievements, among other information.
  • Include professional experience: include all your references — CLT, internship, or volunteer experiences. If possible, also put a short description of your activities in each experience.
  • List your skills: list at least five skills related to your work. If you don’t know, look for other profiles in your segment.
  • Recommendations: if you have one, ask former professional connections on your profile for recommendations on your work. This gives you credibility.

2. Find and make good connections

LinkedIn is a social network. Thus, its main objective is to provide interactions and exchanges between users. Therefore, you must make good connections in your network, especially with professionals who work in the same segment.

In addition to helping to increase your SSI, it also enables you to stay updated on your field of activity and even get a job opportunity. So, invest in good connections on LinkedIn—the more extensive your network is, the more chances you have for exchanges and growth.

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3. Produce valuable content

Creating content is a great way to improve your LinkedIn SSI.

After all, publishing exciting information increases your chances of reaching potential contacts and demonstrating your authority on the subject. The social network lets you publish content in different formats: photo, video, article, or text.

Check out some suggestions for what to post:

  • Behind the scenes: show what your day-to-day work is like;
  • News: bring some news related to your niche and how it impacts the market;
  • Information: give any tips or helpful information about your area;
  • Reflection: propose some learning related to an experience in your career;
  • Achievement: post some achievement you achieved with your work;
  • Interaction: ask a question or poll and interact with your audience.

4. Interact with people

Like, comment, and share posts from your colleagues, as well as participate in groups and events.

Also, respond to people who interact with your content, chat in chat, and, finally, be active on the network. LinkedIn highly values ​​active users on the platform — so much so that it is a unique criterion when evaluating SSI.

Do you understand how to improve LinkedIn’s SSI? In addition to these changes to your profile, seeking new experiences and training is essential to attract more clients or recruiters in the long term.

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