CV with photo: after all, is it worth including or not?

CV with photo: after all, is it worth including or not?

CV with photo are a controversial topic in the job market. After all, there is no consensus among recruiters and HR experts on the subject. 

While some recruiters see benefits in knowing the candidate’s image for the selection process, others identify this practice as a way of taking advantage of the candidate. 

In other words, there is no rule about photos on the resume. However, it is possible to identify when the photo may or may not be necessary for a selection process. 

With this in mind, we prepared unique content about the CV with a photo, seeking to clarify all questions on the subject definitively. 

Stay with us and answer all your questions!

After all, when should you include a photo on your resume?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the text, there is no right or wrong when discussing a resume with a photo. You need to know when the image is or is not essential for the selection process in question. 

To know whether or not it is necessary to include a photo on your resume, the first step is to carefully look at the description of the position you are applying for.

If a CV with a photo is requested in the job description, there is no doubt an image of yourself must be included in the document. 

If this is not mentioned, it is worth asking yourself: does appearance make any difference for this job opportunity?

For example, in vacancies for event promoters, models, and actors, the candidate’s image plays a role in the selection process, as do professional skills. 

However, if this is not the case for you, it is best not to include a photo on your resume.

In short, it is worth sending a CV with a photo only when the job description requires it or when appearance is essential for the selection process. Otherwise, it is best to send the document without a photo.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of creating a CV with a photo?

In the topic above, we explain when or not to include a photo on your resume. Now, let’s talk more about the advantages and disadvantages of attaching an image of yourself to this document. Check out:


Speaking of design, a resume with a photo can be visually more harmonious and offer a break in the text that makes up the file. 

The photo on the resume can make the recruiter’s routine easier, making it easier to associate the candidate’s name with their image. 

For vacancies requiring a photo, a well-framed image that conveys friendliness and confidence can positively impact recruiters. 


Often, including a photo on your resume can be interpreted by recruiters as a way of taking advantage of other competitors. It was as if your appearance was a competitive advantage and had the same weight as your skills.

Usually, recruiters want to select based solely on the professional’s training and technical qualifications. Thus, the photo becomes unnecessary and can be interpreted negatively. 

Furthermore, if the photo is not a requirement of the selection process, including it in the document could be a sign that the person did not interpret the rules correctly, which could harm them in the selection process. 

A poorly taken or very informal photo can give the wrong idea of ​​the professional to recruiters, which can compromise the resume as a whole.

How to choose a photo for your resume?

If you’ve come this far and concluded that your CV will need a photo, check out some tips for choosing the best image:

I prefer more formal photos

As pleasant as your appearance may be in the photo you use on your Facebook or Instagram profile, using the same social media image on your resume may not be the best choice. 

The resume is a formal document, the recruiter’s first contact with the candidate. 

Therefore, it is essential to convey an image of confidence, professionalism, and friendliness, which reflects the professional you are. 

Therefore, the ideal is to avoid photos in informal situations, such as on the beach, at parties, or a barbecue.

It is also worth paying particular attention to your clothes: low necklines, tank tops, or spaghetti straps should be avoided.

It is also interesting to avoid photos wearing caps, sunglasses, and cropped photos, which may make it difficult to see your face.

The best thing is to produce a photo exclusively for your resume. 

Pay attention to the scene.

The setting is also an essential part of the photo. Betting on a neutral background is always a good option. After all, the goal is for the recruiter to focus on your face and not what surrounds you. 

Regarding the photo’s framing, an image from the shoulder up is enough. This way, you guarantee that the attention will be focused exclusively on you and not on other elements that may be present. 

Pay attention to details.

Have you ever heard that phrase that says that details make the difference? For the curriculum, this premise is also valid. 

Details can make all the difference regarding a resume with a photo.

The purpose of your photo is to show that you are a reliable and qualified professional for the position you are applying for. 

Avoid accessories such as piercings, excessive jewelry, heavy makeup, or a poorly trimmed beard. Less is more in your resume photo. 

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Is there any area where the photo on the resume is essential?

There are some areas where the photo can be necessary for the selection process, even if it was not required in the job description. 

Usually, in positions related to the beauty or events sectors, for example, appearance plays a vital role in the selection process. This way, it is possible to attach an image even if it was not requested. 

Below, we list some areas in which a resume with a photo may be the best option: 

  • theater and cinema (for actors and actresses);
  • reception and promotion of events;
  • photographic model;
  • Journalism (mainly for presentation on TV or internet videos).

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