What to put in the desired position on the resume?

What to put in the desired position on the resume?

Some questions are common when putting together your CV. One of them is about what to put in the desired position. After all, this information may vary depending on the vacancy and company you are applying for.

To begin with, it is essential to understand what this field is on the resume. The “intended position” refers to the specific position the candidate seeks or wishes to occupy, corresponding to interests and qualifications. In short, it is the role or position you are applying for.

Including your intended position accurately on your resume is fundamental, as this assists recruiters with effectively figuring out your expectations. Along these lines, they can evaluate whether you are a suitable contender for the referred position.

The desired position is additionally one of the main snippets of data during this underlying screening cycle to recognize up-and-comers who fit the necessities and assumptions for the position.

What should be put in the desired position on the resume?

We have prepared some tips to help you when writing this field on your CV. Check out:

Specify the position name

The first step is to specify the name of the position you are applying for, such as “Sales Manager,” “Software Engineer,” and “Art Director,” among others.

Mention the level of experience.

It is also interesting to say the level of experience in the field, especially if you already know what the company is looking for.

Use keywords

Another fundamental point is using specific keywords related to the desired position. This is important because job vacancy sites have tracking systems to find candidates and make it easier for recruiters to read. By using the correct keywords, you will have an advantage.

Enter your area of ​​specialization.

If you have an area of ​​specialization directly related to the desired position, remember to indicate it when mentioning it. This way, you show that you have specific knowledge about a subject. Today, specialist professionals are more valued in the market.

Mention professional goals

It may also be interesting to mention your professional objectives related to the position. Do this briefly. For example, if you are applying for a graphic designer position, say, “develop my ability to create visual solutions” in the objective.

Where should the desired position be put on the resume?

Although there is a standard when putting together a resume, the desired position may appear in different fields depending on the formatting chosen. Check out some options for where to put your desired position on your resume:

Professional goal

If your resume has a section that mentions your professional objective, your desired position may appear in that field.


You can also highlight your intended position as a title or subtitle below the contact information at the top of your resume. For example: “Ana Maria – Social Media Specialist”.

Professional Profile

There are also resumes with a professional profile section or summary of qualifications. In this case, mention the desired position in this field.


“Project Engineer with experience in authority and the executives in the space of structural engineering, seeking the position of Project Manager.”

Tips on how to make a relevant resume

In addition to knowing how to fill in the desired position accurately, the whole archive must be arranged cautiously to guarantee your progress in the determination processes. The primary point is to ensure that the information is clear and goal, highlighting your abilities, accomplishments, and expert encounters.

While describing your encounters, it is vital to utilize inverted sequential requests, that is to say, present the latest experience first, followed by the most seasoned. Likewise, feature your educational foundation, highlighting undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, if applicable.

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Extracurricular activities and technical skills related to the position are also interesting points to include on your resume. it is worth saying that the document must always be adapted to the vacancy. In other words, highlight the skills, experiences, and achievements most relevant to the desired position.

Relevant keyword

In addition to this, always use relevant keywords to describe your experiences and skills. As previously mentioned, it is common for companies to use candidate-tracking software through keyword filters.

Creating an effective resume involves careful consideration of every section, including the desired position field. This seemingly minor detail is essential as it gives recruiters crucial insights into your career aspirations and qualifications. By accurately specifying the desired position, candidates can effectively communicate their suitability for the role and align with the expectations of the hiring company.

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To enhance the effectiveness of this section, candidates should follow several essential tips. Firstly, specifying the position name is vital to ensure clarity and precision. Additionally, mentioning the level of experience and incorporating relevant keywords tailored to the desired position can increase visibility and demonstrate alignment with the job requirements.

Moreover, highlighting any area of specialization and articulating professional goals related to the position can further strengthen the candidacy. Whether included in the professional goal section, as a title/subtitle, or within the professional profile, the desired position should be strategically placed to maximize its impact on recruiters.

Furthermore, organizing the entire resume meticulously is crucial for successful selection. Emphasizing clear, concise information that highlights skills, achievements, and professional experiences is essential.

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Utilizing reverse chronological order for experiences, showcasing academic background, and including relevant extracurricular activities and technical skills further enrich the resume.

Ultimately, tailoring the resume to the specific vacancy by emphasizing the most relevant skills, experiences, and achievements is paramount. Additionally, incorporating relevant keywords throughout the document ensures compatibility with many companies’ candidate-tracking software.

In essence, by meticulously addressing every aspect of the resume, including the desired position field, candidates can position themselves as strong contenders and increase their chances of success in the competitive job market.

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