How to describe activities in the resume?

How to describe activities in the resume?

Have you ever thought about the importance of describing activities on your resume? This seems like a simple step in creating the document, but it plays a vital role in clarifying what you can do to the recruiter.

In general, vacancies require some specific skills, which are highlighted in the CV, but when it comes to going into detail about what you do, knowing how to describe what you do can be the differentiator that shows your dynamism or ability to adapt to different scenarios.

Assembling the CV

The CV is the gateway to a new job opportunity. It will be the first document analyzed by the recruiter with your professional information. It is based on this that the HR teams will decide whether to continue with the selection or if the profile does not seem to match what the company needs.

Therefore, creating a CV that attracts attention and takes you to the next stage is challenging for anyone looking for opportunities in the job market. There are debates about the size, but experts currently recommend that the document should be just one page or, at most, two and be succinct.

Recruiters will review hundreds of resumes daily, and something too extensive may not capture their attention. The information must also be well distributed so that it is easy to find precisely what they are looking for.

However, the truth is that there is a tiny space where the candidate needs to convince those who analyze their information why they are suitable for the position. Therefore, highlighting your skills will be essential to move on to the next stage and be called for an interview.

Description of activities in the curriculum

To create a successful CV, you must consider some good practices. In addition to the size already mentioned above, the information must be clear, and the text must avoid excessive and generic adjectives and highlight university education.

It is also necessary to distinguish the activities from skills and goals. A suitable place on the resume is to highlight technical and behavioral skills. Generally, these characteristics are found in another part of the document, titled “competencies,” and are even listed in bullet points.

The goals and results can be added to your professional profile section. This is also essential to the resume and should contain a training summary focused on results.

The difference is that the profile contains a summary of activities and focuses on using them to indicate the professional you are. Everything that is part of everyday life must be added to the description of activities.

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Activities are the duties of the position and functions performed. Therefore, they can be a little more detailed, giving an idea of ​​the routine and knowledge they use to carry out tasks.

This does not mean pointing out every detail of what was done but rather listing the five primary activities, preferably related to the intended position. This part is described within the professional activities listed based on the most relevant.

Therefore, the proper way to include it is like this:

Company – month/year of entry to month/year of departure

Final position

Activities developed (Here, it can be a running text or in topics).

Describing functions requires a certain amount of care and attention. Just because it’s ideal to detail what you do doesn’t mean including everything, especially apparent things. Always start with the most important task and, if necessary, describe it without using more than one line.

Check out an example:

ABC Industries – from March 2018 to July 2023


  • Prospecting for new customers
  • Sales negotiations
  • Order tracking
  • Development of new solutions
  • After-sales

In the example above, the activities were listed in bullet points format. If you feel it necessary to provide details, the text can be written in the first person, highlighting what you did in each role.

See important tips for including activities in professional experiences:

Use keywords

The idea is to always customize your CV according to the position you are applying for. This way, it is possible to adapt the text according to what the company wants. This does not mean inventing skills and tasks but instead highlighting those aligned with what is required by the organization.

Also, use words that are the same as those in the ad, as they make the search easier for recruiters. Therefore, if the vacancy talks about “social networks,” for example, do not use the term “social media,” as it may not be found.

Show your skills

The description of activities is when you can exemplify the skills you described. Therefore, if you master Photoshop, for example, indicate what and how much you used it in your last professional experience.

If you have a specialization or are studying a distance learning course, try to include indications of what this teaching provided professionally, showing what specific knowledge was used in carrying out the activities.

Use hard data

Although the results are more suitable for another part of the curriculum, using numbers and concrete data at this stage is also recommended. If you are a training specialist, you can indicate that, in your previous company, you trained x people per year.

The description of activities in the CV can make a difference in continuing the selection process and must be developed with care and attention by candidates.

Describe activities on your resume that are far more significant than they may initially appear. It is pivotal in showcasing your capabilities and suitability for a given role. Your resume is not just a document but a gateway to potential job opportunities. Therefore, crafting it meticulously is imperative.


Assembling a compelling CV involves more than just listing experiences; it requires a strategic approach to concisely highlighting skills, achievements, and relevant qualifications. Recruiters sift through countless resumes daily, underscoring the importance of clarity and brevity. By adhering to best practices such as keeping the document succinct, avoiding generic adjectives, and prioritizing clarity, candidates can enhance their chances of capturing the recruiter’s attention.

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A crucial aspect of resume construction is the description of activities within professional experiences. This section allows candidates to delineate their daily responsibilities, providing insight into their routine tasks and the skills utilized. It’s essential to balance detail and brevity, focusing on the most pertinent tasks and avoiding unnecessary elaboration.

Moreover, tailoring the resume to each specific job application is paramount. Customizing the document to align with the requirements and keywords specified in the job posting increases the likelihood of standing out to recruiters.

Using terminology consistent with the job description facilitates the recruiter’s search and demonstrates a candidate’s attentiveness to the role’s demands.

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Furthermore, incorporating complex data, such as quantifiable achievements or measurable outcomes, lends credibility to the described activities. Tangible metrics bolster the candidate’s claims and provide concrete evidence of their contributions in previous roles.

In essence, the description of activities on a resume is a critical component that can significantly influence the trajectory of the selection process.

By meticulously detailing their experiences, emphasizing relevant skills, and aligning with the job requirements, candidates can enhance their chances of progressing to the next stage and ultimately securing the desired job opportunity. Therefore, candidates must approach this task with care and attention to detail, recognizing its potential impact on their career advancement.

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