How to write proper and professional cover letter for Dubai Jobs

How to write proper and professional cover letter for Dubai Jobs

A cover letter is a single-page document, attached with the CV when you apply for a job vacancy.

A cover letter is your introduction and provides potential employers with a snapshot
of who you are, your skills and experience, and your professional targets and goals. it
acts as a bridge between your CV and the Job.

In a previous article, we discussed writing a proper and professional CV. According to that
article, a CV should be professional and not include too many details about your professional
goals. Also, if your qualifications and skills are too long, the better solution is to write them on
your professional cover letter.

What exactly should a cover letter include?

There is no strict format to write this. An effective cover letter generally
contains four main sections: salutation, opening, body, and closing.


The salutation is where you address the hiring manager directly. If you know their name, it’s best
to use it as it personalizes your letter. For example, you could start with “Dear Mr. Smith” or
“Dear Ms. Smith”. A simple “Dear Hiring Manager” will work if you do not know their name.


The opening is your first opportunity to capture the reader’s attention. Make it count by briefly
explaining why you are excited about the job and why you are a good fit. Don’t simply state
you’re applying for the job; they already know that.

Reveal something that shows you understand the role and the company. For example, “I was excited to discover your job posting for an Administrative Executive. With my experience in coordinating complex administrative tasks and leading office operations, I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to your team’s efficiency and productivity.”


You have to write highlighted vital aspects of your CV that align with job vacancy requirements
in the body of your cover letter. It let you write more descriptions about your career achievements, goals, targets, and professional journey. I optimized this description in the letter body.


The closing section is the chance to give a cheerful ending to your cover letter. For example, “I am
confident that my skills and passion make me a strong candidate for this opportunity. I look
forward to discussing my application with you further.

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