How to make business planning for 2024?

How to make business planning for 2024?

Business planning – In a market that is constantly reinventing itself and more people and companies want to stand out; it is essential to have well-defined strategies and plans to prosper.

More than a very well-made plan, planning needs to understand the market’s complexity, be inventive, and be capable of reinventing itself to changes that don’t have time to arrive.

It was realized that, increasingly, being one step ahead is essential in a context where everything can change from one moment to the next. Therefore, planning is a crucial part of any business.

With the recent challenges, companies are starting to prepare for next year, keeping in mind the events of recent years. It is essential to define the aspects that will guide the project’s next steps, thus avoiding errors and future problems.

This post is prepared for you who want to start a business in 2024 and carry out successful business planning.

What is business planning?

Business planning is a management instrument used to predict scenarios, define goals and objectives, and develop strategies to achieve them.

This tool is crucial for determining what the company’s growth journey will be like and what the next steps will be to provide business development.

Furthermore, preventing problems and establishing all scenarios before taking action is essential, making decision-making even more effective.

It is also the best way to study all market variables, being prepared to deal with the most diverse situations.

This way, your company can develop efficient business planning, as analysis is essential to define the best paths and resources to succeed.

A manager with sound business planning can analyze situations and solve problems more assertively.

What is business planning for?

Business planning is the starting point for any company. It is he who guides all actions and projects developed.

It is crucial to have these points defined to direct the business steps, especially with so many changes happening worldwide and in the country.

Considering the new scenario of the economy, the behavior pattern of potential customers, and the latest developments in the market in which the company operates are essential steps to guide the company toward success.

Therefore, business planning for 2024 meets some requirements and has a series of important functions:

  • Promote actions that win new customers;
  • Develop campaigns and projects to maintain current clientele;
  • Launch new products and services;
  • Consolidate the brand in the market;
  • Carry out projections to check possible market scenarios
  • Deal with market uncertainties and risks;
  • Use available resources intelligently, according to stipulated goals;
  • Increase sales and profit margin;
  • Optimize financial management, as well as the use of resources;
  • Avoid the risk of bankruptcy due to poor management.

How do I build a business plan for my online business?

To plan well, you must follow some steps to determine the subsequent actions.

Check out some steps that are crucial to building good business planning.

SWOT Analysis

It’s almost impossible to talk about business planning without considering SWOT analysis. This tool helps to understand scenarios in which the company operates.

SWOT analysis, from the English strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, is a management tool that allows you to identify the business’s opportunities, weaknesses, strengths, and threats.

This method, known as SWOT analysis (Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses, and Threats), provides a complete diagnostic of all organizational scenarios.

Strengths and weaknesses allude to internal examination, or at least the positive and negative points of the organization or project you must execute. For the most part, these factors are within the organization’s control and can be changed by the organization.

Opportunities and threats refer to the external environment, which brings together all elements outside the business that may cause some impact, such as market analysis, competitors, suppliers, and even the political, economic, social, and cultural macroenvironment.

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The result of the SWOT analysis is a 2×2 matrix, known as the SWOT Matrix, which divides the four analysis points into internal/external and positive/negative factors.

Through this overview, it is possible to observe which points your business or project can improve and what its competitive advantages are.

To carry out business planning for 2024, it is essential to consider the events of recent years in the SWOT analysis.

Most segments changed due to the pandemic 4 years ago, and the consumption patterns of many people changed.

Currently, these changes are well consolidated, and new changes are already being made, considering the advancement of vaccination, and the disease is no longer a public health emergency.

Research what has changed in your segment and analyze how this has impacted your company, positively or negatively.

This analysis allows you to understand the business’s strengths and weaknesses and the external aspects that can harm or boost the enterprise.

This understanding makes defining goals and strategies to achieve the company’s objective much more accessible.

Goal setting

With the main aspects of the company mapped out, it’s time to define the objectives. To do this, it is necessary to consider the business’s internal and external scenarios and observe the market’s characteristics.

With the market data and the SWOT analysis, it is feasible to determine what should and can be done in the short, medium, and long term.

Consider the company’s objectives and the time required to attain them. To do so, consider the available resources and the projects each target will produce.

Objectives can be defined by priority or the period spent completing them.

Developing strategies

Excellent! Now, you have the goals defined. But how will you reach them? To do this, it is necessary to develop a strategy that will be followed for each of the objectives.

It is usual for those not used to preparing a business plan to confuse action with strategy.

So, don’t forget: the objective is where you want to get to, the strategy is how you will get there, and the actions are what you need to put the strategy into practice. Look:

  • Objective/goal: increase website conversions by 10% in the next three months;
  • Strategy: creation of a new sales page;
  • Actions: hire a new professional to develop sales pages.

Development of a schedule

With all the previous steps defined and ready, setting deadlines is time. This step is crucial to know ​​when each project and action will start and end, maintaining control over what is done in the company.

It is also essential to ensure that all points are put into practice, as, without a defined date, it is widespread for some projects to end up being forgotten.

Thus, the professionals involved in each action can organize themselves according to the defined deadlines.

The schedule must contain the planned goals and those responsible, execution deadlines, performance indicators, necessary resources, and other relevant information.


We know that making business planning is not an easy task. After all, there are several objectives and goals to be achieved.

However, following the steps in this post, creating a plan becomes much more straightforward and provides essential insights into the business.

Tips for implementing your planning

With all the steps you’ve followed so far, you have everything you need to start implementing your plan.

And how to do this? The first point is that your planning needs to be a participatory process involving all the company’s employees or the people at your side initially.

This is important to ensure that everyone understands and supports the plan and that actions are carried out more efficiently.

The second point is that the objectives, goals, strategies, and actions are communicated clearly and transparently so that all employees are aligned and committed to the plan.

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This will only be possible with open communication, process feedback circles, and honest assessments of the achieved goals.

Another tip is that for goals to be achieved, your company must be aware that the resources can guarantee this.

The company needs to have the necessary resources to implement business planning. This includes financial, human, and technological resources. Goals may be unrealistic without a clear and honest overview of this point.

For this reason, the last tip is to monitor and evaluate recurring and structured planning.

This ensures that business planning is carried out as planned. It is essential to monitor the results of actions and make necessary adjustments along the way.

These tips and steps can be done considering a financial reality that needs to be evaluated carefully.

And for your 2024 to be successful, you need financial planning with the business.

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