How to discover defects and qualities to talk about in an interview

How to discover defects and qualities to talk about in an interview

discover defects and qualities – Job interviews are challenging in and of themselves. However, the challenge gains a few layers of complexity when the recruiter asks, “In your opinion, what are your biggest flaws and greatest qualities?” ”

In this article, we will give you tips on how to best deal with this thorny issue. Check out:

Why recruiters ask about strengths and weaknesses in an interview?

First, by asking you to list defects and qualities to discuss in the interview, recruiters will assess whether you are honest and self-critical and whether you dare to face your vulnerabilities without avoiding the question.

Second, your answer will be decisive for them to assess whether you have the profile for the position. In this sense, you must answer this question without mincing words.

You need to be clear, direct, and honest. However, as you can imagine, there are more assertive ways than others to answer this question, as we will see below.

How to discover defects and qualities to talk about in an interview

The first step to identifying defects and qualities to discuss in an interview is to exercise self-criticism and self-knowledge, which is not always easy or pleasant.

Going to therapy helps, but you can do your self-assessment by answering some questions. Think back to the last challenging situations you experienced at work, home, or college, and consider how you responded to them.

So, ask yourself:
Situation 1 – Defects

• What were the situations that left me most destabilized recently?

• Why was I destabilized? How did I react?

• How could I have acted better?
Situation 2 – Qualities

• What were the situations I dealt with most recently where I obtained satisfactory results on some level?

• Why did I do well on these occasions? What was the personal characteristic that helped me?

• How does this usually impact the people I live with?

• Are there positive skills I could develop further?

• In which activities or positions would I develop quickly, given these skills I have?

Listening carefully to feedback from friends, colleagues, teachers, and managers is also essential in identifying these positive and negative traits. You can ask these people for constructive criticism if you have never received one.

Citing feedback from peers and especially superiors during the interview is a good strategy, as it works as an argument to confirm what you are saying.

Examples of qualities that can be mentioned in the interview

Some qualities are essential for almost any vacancy.

This is because they connect with the current vision that businesspeople and experts share about the needs of the contemporary job market. For example, a good gauge is the skills highlighted by the World Economic Forum.

See some of these skills, remembering that they can be technical or behavioral:

  • • Analytical thinking
  • • Active learning
  • • Ability to solve complex problems
  • • Creativity
  • • Ability to lead and influence
  • • Good sociability and communicability
  • • Ability to monitor and use technology at work
  • • Emotional resilience
  • • Logical reasoning

Examples of defects that can be discussed in the interview

Defects are the “thorniest” part of responding and can also be technical or behavioral. At this time, it is necessary to seek a balance between common sense and honesty.

As? The tip is not to mention defects that are excessively negative or disagree with the values and skills sought by the company. It is also essential to avoid defects that disqualify you from the position you are applying for.

Another valuable recommendation is, after mentioning your negative characteristics, explain how you usually overcome them and how much you have managed to improve in some aspect.

It is also interesting to argue that we, human beings, differentiate ourselves by our ability to learn and change and that specific performance is not definitive, making ourselves available to overcome the characteristics above.

Some defects you can mention if they apply to you:

  • • Shyness
  • • Low self-esteem
  • • Difficulty speaking in public
  • • Difficulty socializing
  • • Difficulty focusing on one task for a long time
  • • Little experience with numbers
  • • Little experience with editing software
  • • Talking too much or too loud
  • • Anxiety when defending an idea or participating in an important meeting

Is it possible to transform the defect into something positive?

Yes, it is possible, especially when you report what attitudes you put into practice to circumvent the characteristics in question and how you have evolved.

In this response, recruiters primarily desire to evaluate your honesty and spontaneity. However, you must be careful not to appear self-cantered and have difficulty self-criticising.

The tip is to answer objectively what the defect is, give an example, and briefly explain how you can overcome this characteristic without denying it.

You don’t need to go on too long, but you can’t escape the main objective: to answer the question as honestly as possible. Remember to speak by looking into the recruiters’ eyes, as this will give you credibility and allow you to communicate more assertively.

Also, be careful with self-sabotage, an attitude associated with impostor syndrome, when the candidate cites defects that deviate from the profile recruiters seek.

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