How to make a professional CV for UAE Job Seekers

How to make a professional CV for UAE Job Seekers

CV for UAE Job Seekers – Have you found a job in the UAE? Then, you have to create a professional CV to introduce your background and skills.

What is a CV?

CV (Curriculum Vitae) is like a personal advertisement that shows employers
what you can do, and why you’re the right person for the job.
If you are looking for a job vacancy in Dubai or all other Emirates in UAE, you have
to create a friendly CV.

What is an ATS-friendly CV?

First, we will consider the meaning of ATS. ATS means Application Tracking
System. Nowadays, When a company posts a job vacancy, tons of applications,
CVS is coming for the mentioned vacancies. The recruiter or Human Resources team has
to consider one by one point of candidates CV. This is a lot of time-wasting work, and some well-written CVs may be missed.

Application Tracking System Softwares help to solve this problem. Recruiters and employers use this software during the hiring process to collect, sort, scan, and rank the job applications they receive for their open positions.

One of the key functionalities of an Application Tracking System is the ability to scan and rank resumes/CVs based on keywords relevant to the job description.

This helps recruiters or HR teams sift through CVs more efficiently and helps them identify the most qualified candidates. Because of this Application Tracking Software, candidates have to make a Perfect CV/Resume using keyword job description.

Structure of the CV

The mentioned points must be included clearly and simply
01. Personal Details
02. Personal Profile or Summary
03. Work Experience
04. Education and Qualifications
05. Skills
06. Achievements
07. References
Let’s discuss one by one points.
01. Personal Details
Your CV should start with your name, contact details (mobile number, email),
nationality, and UAE visa status (visit visa, canceled visa, etc). Including a
professional photograph.

02. Personal Profile or Summary

This is a concise paragraph about who you are, your career goals, and why you
would be a suitable candidate for the job. Make professional and quality content
for this section.

03. Work Experience

This section is the most important thing on your CV. List your jobs in proper order, starting with the most recent one. Include the company name, job title, employment duration, and key responsibilities. Be precise and mention quantifiable achievements if possible. Also, consider the job description of the vacancy that you are applying for and add that vital keyword on your CV’s key responsibilities. This method is working for ATS.

04. Education and Qualifications

Also, this section is essential for ATS. Add your education qualifications properly, including the institution’s name, the course studied, and the completion date. If you have any additional certifications relevant to the job, list them in this section.

05. Skills

Add your soft skills (communication, teamwork, etc) and hard skills ( IT skills,
languages, etc). It’s good to provide examples of where you’ve used these skills.

06. Achievements – CV for UAE Job Seekers

Add your professional and educational achievements in this section.

07. References – CV for UAE Job Seekers

This section is less important. But some companies ask for references for their
vacancy. You can say, “References available upon request”. If they ask for
references, you can provide a well-known person/persons for reference.

Essential things you must do and never do

● Ensure your CV is free of grammatical errors
● Never lie on your CV. It’s easy for employers to verify your information now.
If you add fake qualifications and skills to your CV, it will be a huge
negative point.
● Don’t add fancy photographs to your CV. Add a white background official
photo to your CV

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