How to behave on the first day of work?

How to behave on the first day of work?

First day of work – You dedicated yourself, assembled an excellent CV, tried your desired selection process, and finally got the long-awaited position. 

With the joy of approval can come anxiety about how to behave on the first day of the new job, even if it is not the beginning of your professional career. 

In this text, we will give you tips on doing well and making a great impression at this vital start! 

Tips for Avoiding Mistakes on Your First Workday

Making a good impression is essential on the first day of work. To achieve this, some practices must be avoided. Are they: 

Arrive late

Avoid arriving after hours, even if it is just a few minutes late. Plan to arrive at the company in advance. 

Change the combination

If you already know your contract’s hours, salary, and other agreements, do not try to negotiate something different with HR or your manager. 

If necessary, due to unforeseen circumstances, wait a few days for this conversation with superiors, as they may understand that the time to agree on specific ideas was at the time of hiring. 

Distracting colleagues

Even if you don’t know the people at the new job, treat them well and with respect, being helpful and open.

Over time, relationships mature, and bonds are created. 

Lack of commitment

Your tasks may not be determined, and your routine may not be hectic initially.

However, don’t use this time to overspend using your cell phone or social media. 

Remember to remain professional and proactive by asking the manager if there is anything you can do to help when your time is more accessible.  

10 good Practices for the First Day of Work at a New Company

1. Get organized the day before

Your preparation for the first day of work starts the day before.

Leave your bag/backpack and the things you need to carry all tidy; this way,

you avoid forgetting something important and avoid delays when leaving home. 

Another tip is to sleep well, resting enough for the new challenge. 

Oh, and of course, know the route you must take to work, check the routes and public transport times, and plan to leave early. 

2. Get up early on the first day of work

In addition to packing your things beforehand, wake up a little earlier than you need to; this way, you can leave the house quickly and not face traffic surprises, including public transport. 

This also means that you arrive a little before the official time at the workplace and can arrange pending details, such as accessing the electronic point, getting your badge, or picking up something from HR. 

3. Believe in yourself

Remember that if the company chooses you, it is because you are qualified for the position. So, relax and do the best you can for your position. 

4. Pay close attention

Pay attention to the new job’s details, processes, and routines.

Observe the suggested dress code (whether it is more formal or informal), the proposed activities, and essential information given to you, such as systems, passwords, and work environment rules. 

5. Don’t be afraid to ask

If you have any questions about what was informed, ask. This applies mainly to its production process and designated functions. 

6. Relate well

Be kind and introduce yourself as a new employee to your coworkers. Make yourself available to learn and help with tasks. 

Avoid conflicts, especially in the first days of employment. Maintain non-violent communication and healthy dialogue. 

A good relationship makes things at work even better and promotes networking. 

7. Respect differences

Maintaining a good relationship with colleagues also involves respecting differences. 

Companies are increasingly focused on promoting diversity, so you will have contact with people from different places, religions, and ideologies. 

8. Show discipline and responsibility

Demonstrating that you are a responsible person and have discipline from the beginning gives you a good professional image, especially in the eyes of your supervisors. 

This includes being organized, dedicating yourself to the smooth running of your activities, delivering everything with quality, and respecting and understanding the company’s rules. 

9. Keep an eye on the dress code

The ideal is to ask before starting your first day, but if you forget, understand the type of clothes you must wear daily. 

Avoid low necklines, excess accessories, and very informal clothing. 

Be sure to maintain impeccable hygiene. 

10. Study

Get to know the place where you will start working.

Research the company’s history and philosophy, see its most recent achievements, and discover information about the segment.

What to talk about on the first day of work 

Knowing how to behave in the workplace also includes avoiding inconvenience and carefully choosing words.

Here are some tips on what to say when you get there: 

  • Be grateful for the opportunity:  when you meet your manager, be thankful for the opportunity to have been hired. Tell them you are happy and excited about the new challenge and make yourself available. 
  • Ask questions:  demonstrate interest by asking pertinent questions about your role, the work environment, and company points. But remember to pay attention to what your manager says, avoiding sounding repetitive.  
  • Personal life:  yes, having a good relationship with your colleagues is essential. But hold back on personal questions for the first few days. Professionalism must prevail at these times. 
  • Avoid suggestions as soon as you arrive: the company may have points that can be improved, such as processes. However, understand and study the environment first and then make suggestions or criticisms to avoid inconvenience. 

Greetings:  say goodbye to your colleagues at the end of the day. When you arrive the next day, greet them with “Good morning” and remain friendly.  

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