Vacancy for Senior Video Editor

Full Time

Job Description

1.Follow-up the implementation of montage requirements with accuracy and high quality to ensure that the director’s vision is achieved in accordance with the approved standards.
2.Ensuring the collection and montage of filmed materials and adding special effects according to the required standards and criteria.
3.Presenting the montage and effects to the director for approval and ensuring its compliance with the requirements.
4.Discussing the montage design with the deputy director of montage to ensure that the design conforms to the approved standards of the montage department.
5.Submitting the necessary daily reports on work progress and submitting them to the direct manager, indicating the obstacles encountered and the actions taken to overcome them.
6.Ensure the provision of montage services with high quality in accordance with the specified standards and time.
7.Carrying out the montage process for all events and programs with high quality and efficiency in accordance with approved regulations and policies.
8.Carrying out annual training for 3 employees in the department, according to the instructions of the department manager, in line with work requirements.
9.Full knowledge of the characteristics available in the montage devices approved in the establishment.
Carry out the montage process for all events and programs according to the requirement within the specified standards and time.