Vacancy for Maintenance Officer

Full Time

Job Description
Research and study maintenance offers insuring best services is provided.

Insure maintenance requests from departments and branches are completed.

Provide furnishing requests from main store for departments and branches.

Follow up maintenance services on sites and sign for completed jobs to ensure that required maintenance service is completed.

Perform weekly visits to ensure that maintenance is done regularly for departments and branches as well as the execution of urgent maintenance jobs for maintaining facilities.

Insure regular main building and branches maintenance services are regularly provided to maintain buildings.

Follow up on daily maintenance orders to insure its execution.

Support in preparation of the annual section plan including budget and contribute to the Department plan and budget to include for maintenance services.

Promote the Administrative Affairs Department within Dubai Customs.

Prepare the annual budget for maintenance and new projects for all departments and customs center.

Prepare monthly maintenance reports for department director and section manager to review and ensure facilities maintenance.

Review the monthly maintenance reports, sent from Imdaad to keep track of maintenance services provided by them.

Prepare NOC letters to be sent to governments department (Dubai Municipality, Land Department, ext), if required, for obtaining permissions or no objections for carrying out maintenance operations.

Coordinate with government department in new projects.

Contribute to the annual strategic plan for maintenance and new projects and ensure the implementation of it.

Supervise and implement, for all the needed requirements for all new departments and customs center (Hatta, terminal 3, textile city, silicon oasis, inspections, HRD, Tariff department, ext…) and the shifting of staff to the new locations.

Oversee work of periodic maintenance of all buildings and facilities of the Service to maintain the integrity of buildings and general appearance.

Carry out implementation and supervision for the provision of security and safety requirements in coordination with the official security and safety, custom’s departments and external government departments to ensure security.

Arrange and participate in the evacuation centers of the customs for training in evacuation.

Perform supervision of the operational plans for new projects to ensure proper implementation.

Ensure provision and implementation of the requirements of ISO to maintain international standards.

Perform coordination and overall supervision of the maintenance work for companies contracting with the Service (Imdaad, etc.) to ensure maintenance activities as contracted.

Develop mechanism to improve the service levels by the section to exceed the client expectation on the client services.

Lead, manage, and motivate the Imdaad staff to ensure the overall objectives of the department are met.

Supervise the complete renovation of offices, inspection of works, installation of new counters system, QS signboard extension and installation etc in order to meet all the requirements of the customer and employee.

Oversee implementation of the requirements of a secret shopper and customer satisfaction in the centers of customs.

Act as a member of the committee on the inventory in the customs warehouses and as mandated for maintaining inventory.

Act as a member of the committee for auctions in all customs stations to support in managing auctions.

Perform all other duties as assigned by Building Maintenance Engineer.

Maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in line with Dubai Customs information security policies and procedures in order to protect information from any disclosure or misuse