Vacancy for Accountant

Full Time

Job Description

1. Implementing procedures for sending and receiving forms determining the annual financial needs of other organizational units, and projecting the data of the forms determining the financial needs onto the annual budget tables.
2. Receiving cash and checks and depositing them on a daily basis in the organization’s accounts at banks in accordance with the accounting system.
3. Implementing disbursement procedures to suppliers in coordination with the relevant organizational units.
4. Implementing payment procedures for employees and related parties and transferring to banks according to the type of transaction.
5. Uploading bank account statements on a daily basis to the organization’s financial system.
6. Confirm the daily entries for bank reconciliations and work to complete them before printing the monthly bank reconciliation report.
7. Implementing procedures for recording and calculating the monthly depreciation rates and the expected life of assets and assets, and implementing the tasks of excluding or adding to the expired and damaged assets and assets in the financial records.
8. Implementing procedures for the financial institution’s transactions issued and received with other departments, institutions and bodies in the Government of Dubai.
9. Implementing financial settlement procedures with the General Accounts Department and making the necessary daily entries.
10. Preparing creditors’ statements and providing them regularly to follow up on payment and periodic statements of creditors’ accounts.
11. Preparing customer invoices, copying them, and delivering them to the collector for the purposes of starting the collection process, recording revenues in their accounts, and entering their data into the approved electronic system on a daily basis.
12. Receiving and storing bank guarantees, registering bank registration documents, in addition to carrying out the monthly settlements of the institution’s accounts in banks.
13. Participate in preparing lists of revenue accounts and any other documents related to revenues, review the collection results, match them with the revenues received, and submit their reports to the direct official.
14. Preparing reports on the results of daily and monthly revenue collection and submitting them to the direct official, and keeping documents related to collection and expenses in special files on a regular and proper basis.
15. Adherence to the information security system, policies, processes and programs, and reporting any security breaches or suspicious incidents to the direct official.


Excellence in implementation – Effective communication – Awareness of financial affairs – Financial analysis – Evoking and spreading positive energy