Senior Assistant Compliance

Full Time

Emirates Flight Catering

Emirates Flight Catering takes part in the annual Emirates Environmental Group Can Collection Drives. We have collected over 1,600 kg of aluminium cans from the inbound waste stream, hospitality lounges and food and beverage outlets. As winners of the Company category, we were presented with a certificate and trophy at the awards ceremony held at Dubai Media City.

Job Details:

Prepare weekly reports/dashboards to represent compliance to EKFC requirements and submit the reports to end users and category managers to review the supplier performance, resulting in transparent compliance reporting for informed decision-making and supplier performance assessment.
Collaborate with legal and regulatory teams to stay informed about and ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations, ensuring adherence to industry-specific regulations, reducing legal and regulatory risks.
Maintain a database of compliance-related documents, including contracts, regulatory certificates, and audit reports, ensuring efficient documentation and easy access to compliance records for audits and reporting.
Develop and implement compliance training programs for employees to ensure understanding and adherence to relevant standards, resulting in well-informed and compliant employees, reducing compliance-related errors and issues.
Lead successful external compliance audits, certifications, and ongoing monitoring of industry-related laws. Update policies promptly, ensuring a consistently compliant framework and minimizing legal risks for stakeholders.
Coordinate with procurement team and internal stakeholders to meticulously review procurement processes from initiation to completion, ensuring that each step aligns with established guidelines and ethical standards.
Identify potential deviations from standard procedures, investigate irregularities, and recommend corrective actions to ensure the exceptions are captured and approved before moving forward with contracts.
Ensure the procurement team and internal stakeholders comply with internal procurement procedures and processes to meet audit requirements, ensuring smooth internal processes and adherence to procurement and audit standards.

Job Context:
The job holder will act as an indispensable member of our organization’s procurement team, ensuring that procurement activities are conducted ethically, efficiently, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Their expertise and vigilance contribute to the organization’s reputation, financial health, and overall success.
The complexity, diversity and magnitude of Emirates Flight Catering makes the role of Senior Assistant Compliance very demanding. The division deals with more than 2000 suppliers (local and overseas).

Education Qualification:
Any Professional Degree (Preferred Diploma in Supply chain/Quality management)


Area of Experience: Procurement, Compliance, Supplier Audits

Years of Experience: 4 years


Analytical thinking

Ability to multitask and manage time efficiently.

Fluency in spoken and written English

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills