Sales Manager

Full Time

Vega Worldwide Logistics LLC

Vega Worldwide is Headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Dubai has thrived in its role as a regional hub reaching a position of prominence in the global logistics network and today it is one of the critical nodes in the global supply chain. Dubai will reinforce its position at a time when Asia is supplanting the West as the main engine of growth. Dubai has indeed been one of the focal points of this transmutation, becoming in a very short time one of the pivotal trading hubs in the world. Taking advantage of its location mid-way between Asia and Europe, along the ancient Silk Road, its ports are among the most active and efficient in the world. In pharma industry the frequent transportation happens between China and Asia, where Dubai works as the base for African continental transportation. To give the results beyond the boundaries Vega Worldwide is based in Dubai. Our services are also available across all continents throughout our crafted network.

We are looking for Sales Manager with Below Skills.

1) Post Graduate Degree in Commerce and business studies.

2) Industry Experience of 3-4 Year in similar capacity

3) Good Communication in English

3) 25-35 Years of Age