Retail Operations Executive

Full Time

LandMark Group

The Landmark Group began its journey in 1973 with one store in Bahrain and has grown into one of the largest omnichannel retailer of trusted, homegrown brands offering exceptional value. Today the Group operates over 2,200 outlets, with 10 online brands.
  • Responsibilities:
  • Achieve Sales & GP Target for the Department.
  • Stock replenishment need to be timely and to ensure optimum stocks in all the sections (non- beauty).
  • Sell offs need to be monitored, action taken for non-selling items, slow moving & fast-moving supplies.
  • Aim to ensure 100% availability of fast-moving SKU’s across the territory.
  • To allocate the stocks as per the store performance.
  • Compliance of Range Plan, and should check with Supply planning team for right allocations as per agreed plan and timelines.
  • To ensure Auto GTM’s are strictly in compliance with the actual sales of the previous day(s) and merchandise replenished to the store for the following days as per the delivery schedule.
  • Action plan for aging stock: GFZ (go for Zero)
  • Stock Cover to be maintained as per the norms, and if any shortfall or overflow of the stocks, needs to be advised/ highlighted to Concept manager or Buyer.
    Seasonal Launches: Understanding the stock planning/stock requirements from planning department.
  • Range Planning – SKU by SKU
  • New Launch Feedback and allocation
  • Maintain a detailed knowledge of the section merchandise, ensuring promotions and fast selling lines are featured.
  • To display all merchandise proportionately and accordingly
  • To ensure all products are price tagged and bar-coded before display
  • To have all new lines primarily displayed and, on the sales floor,
  • Plan and implementation of moves within a department.
  • Stock replenishment to the sales floor and assuring continuous stock availability on all merchandise
    All soiled and damaged merchandise need to be cleared as and when it arrives.
  • Responsible for new product launches and new store openings.
    Ensuring the stock must arrive at all stores in time for the store-wide launch.
  • To ensure desired level of inventory is maintained in each stores across
  • Inspect merchandise for quality control and report any defects
  • Feedback on the sales of the products –Groups & Sub-groups , the pricing and any other comments
  • To conduct a detailed competition survey for all products and give feedbacks Concept Manager & Buyer.
  • To send a monthly report to Buyer with all the feedback on the suppliers and products introduced in the previous month.
  • Interpret retail reporting data and offer actionable insights to course correct actions and achieve territory performance expectations