P&O Maritime Logistics – Procurement Officer

Full Time

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Job Role:
As the Procurement Officer, you will oversee all procurement operations for P&O Maritime- UAE Port Services, ensuring strict adherence to POML procurement protocols across the organization. Your primary responsibility will be to facilitate the efficient and cost-effective acquisition of goods and services. Additionally, you will be tasked with identifying opportunities for process enhancement to enhance the value and effectiveness of the procurement function.

Core Responsibilities:

Oversee procurement operations for designated vessels and divisions within the group, ensuring efficiency and adherence to organizational standards.

Manage fleet requisitions, requests for quotations (RFQs), purchase order (PO) processing, delivery monitoring, and communication with relevant stakeholders.

Evaluate and approve suppliers, monitoring their performance to ensure the provision of cost-effective, high-quality materials and services.

Process requisitions from supervisors and managers promptly, ensuring efficient handling and control of goods and services.

Analyze quotations for materials and services, ensuring alignment with requirements, and provide recommendation summaries for approval.

Coordinate timely delivery, logistics, and customs clearance for overseas purchasing, ensuring smooth movement of goods to designated locations.

Collaborate with the line manager to identify regularly procured goods/services for frame agreements, introducing and implementing agreements with suppliers.

Cultivate relationships with new suppliers to optimize costs and enhance quality, identifying potential strategic sourcing partners.

Maintain supplier prequalification lists, initiating new supplier accounts post-approval from stakeholders.

Regularly analyze vendor performance data, advising management on sourcing strategies aligned with organizational goals.

Foster strong relationships with key suppliers to ensure consistent delivery of high-quality goods and services.

Provide support to the line manager and assist in various procurement-related tasks as required.

Collaborate with finance to address any discrepancies related to supplier invoice processing.

Review and take action on Open Requisitions and PO reports to meet departmental Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Qualifications and Experience:
Diploma or bachelor’s degree, preferably in engineering with a focus on mechanical or marine disciplines.
Demonstrated experience of 3-5 years in procurement roles within medium to large organizations, preferably in the maritime industry.
Proficiency in clearing and forwarding processes, with a strong understanding of the Middle East market dynamics. Possess thorough knowledge of procurement procedures, policies, negotiation techniques, and analytical skills.
Preferably holds a certification in Purchasing from a recognized university.
Proficient in Microsoft Office suite and adept at using purchasing applications. Experience with supply chain management software and tools, particularly Oracle Fusion and ABS NSE, would be advantageous.
Ability to thrive in a fast-paced administrative environment, handling multiple tasks efficiently.

Key Attributes:
Exceptional Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Proficient in conveying ideas clearly and building rapport with others, fostering effective collaboration and understanding.

Advanced Negotiation Skills: Capable of navigating complex negotiations to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes, utilizing persuasive tactics and strategic thinking.

Strong Organizational Skills: Demonstrates the ability to efficiently manage tasks, time, and resources, ensuring projects are completed promptly and with precision.

Keen Attention to Detail: Maintains a high level of accuracy in tasks and projects, meticulously reviewing and ensuring quality in all aspects of work.

Effective Analytical and Problem-Solving Abilities: Skilled in analyzing situations, identifying root causes, and devising innovative solutions, employing logical reasoning and critical thinking.

Willingness to Seek Guidance: Recognizes the value of seeking direction from others when necessary, displaying humility and a willingness to learn from diverse perspectives.

Inquisitive Nature: Proactively investigates issues by asking insightful questions, delving deep into topics to gain comprehensive understanding and insight.

Active Listening and Information Processing: Engages in attentive listening, absorbing and synthesizing information effectively to inform decision-making and problem-solving processes.

Systematic Problem-Solving Approach: Applies a structured and methodical approach to tackling challenges, ensuring thorough analysis and well-considered solutions.