Parts Inventory Control Executive-UAE National

Full Time

Al Futtaim Private Company LLC

Established in the 1930s as a trading business, Al-Futtaim Group today is one of the most diversified and progressive, privately held regional businesses headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We are in search of a seasoned Parts Inventory Control Executive to become a valuable member of our FAMCO team in Dubai. The main focus of this position is to guarantee the timely availability and efficient supply of parts associated with designated franchises. Responsibilities include managing stock levels and minimizing obsolescence within defined parameters, operating under the supervision of the Parts Product Manager.

Stock Control:
Collaborate with the Inventory Control Manager to monitor and set suitable system parameters.
Review computer-generated order proposals and make adjustments as needed in consultation with the Inventory Control Manager.

Parts Availability:
Analyze daily critical reports and take immediate action as required.
Review back-order reports and coordinate with principals to accelerate early

Management of Customer Orders:
Ensure timely processing of customer orders.
Communicate with sales personnel to obtain expected arrival dates and gather customer feedback.
Follow up on back orders with principals to secure early allocation.
Coordinate with logistics service providers to expedite goods in transit for swift delivery.
Stock Aging and Obsolescence Control:

Monitor sales of parts in sales-order stock to prevent stagnation.
Expedite sales of slow-moving parts based on stock aging reports.
Regularly address dead stock reports to maintain optimal inventory levels.
Coordinate buy-backs of non-moving parts with principals.
Management of Logistics Costs:

Minimize import expenses by utilizing cost-effective transportation methods.
Identify and collaborate with logistics service providers offering competitive rates.
Efficiently consolidate customer orders to reduce the number of consignments and optimize logistics costs.

Claims Management:

Promptly process claims to minimize the number of pending claims.
Expedite claims with principals to ensure swift reimbursement, supported by relevant evidence to reduce rejections.
Data Management:

Maintain accurate article master data by promptly updating information.
Regularly update supplier prices to ensure the system reflects the current purchase price accurately.

Required Skills:

Organizational Aptitude: Proficiency in efficiently managing and organizing parts inventory.
Effective Communication: Ability to communicate clearly for seamless collaboration with team members and principals.
Attention to Detail: Strong focus on detail to oversee stock aging, claims processing, and data accuracy.
Problem-Solving Skills: Proactive approach to identifying and resolving challenges with practical solutions.
Technical Competence: Understanding of engineering principles, particularly regarding relevant products.
Collaborative Team Player: Capacity to work harmoniously with logistics service providers, sales teams, and principals.
Proactive Management: Initiative-taking mindset to expedite processes like claims and back orders, ensuring timely resolutions.
Adaptability: Flexibility to adjust to evolving logistics and market dynamics.

About Our Team:
The FAMCO team operates with a commitment to precision in parts management. We are a united and dedicated group, prioritizing operational excellence while fostering a culture of teamwork, innovation, and goal attainment. Join us in an environment that upholds professionalism and provides avenues for personal and professional growth.

Qualifications for the Role:
Engineering Degree: Possession of a robust educational background in engineering.
Hands-on Parts Management Experience: Demonstrated practical expertise in efficiently handling parts.
Technical Proficiency: Comprehensive understanding of engineering principles, specifically relevant to the products associated with this role.
Problem-Solving Skills: Proven track record of effectively addressing challenges and implementing practical solutions.
Detail-Oriented: Meticulous attention to detail, ensuring precision in all aspects of parts management processes.