Operations Executive Job in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Full Time

Position Objective:

The primary objective of this role is to efficiently manage the daily operations of the Centre, focusing on centre presentation, security, safety, cleanliness, engineering, facilities, and ambience. The goal is to uphold the highest quality standards to meet the needs of both tenants and customers.

Role Details – Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

Oversee the daily operations of the Centre, including its presentation, security, safety, cleanliness, engineering, facilities, and ambience, ensuring adherence to high-quality standards to meet tenant and customer needs effectively.

Foster relationships with relevant authorities such as local emergency services (Police, Civil Defence, Fire & Paramedic Services) to ensure continuous support.

Conduct regular property inspections focusing on cleanliness, preventive maintenance, health and safety, fire prevention, security, and parking. Promptly notify management of any health and safety risks concerning the mall building, impacting employees, contractors, or the public.

Estimate, prepare, and manage Capex and Operating budgets, prioritizing expenditures and optimizing resource allocation to maintain timelines. Monitor cash flow effectively.

Conducted audits related to facility management, fire safety, health and safety, security, and internal processes. Ensure timely implementation of audit recommendations.

Coordinate property inspections, submit reports, and implement corrective measures promptly.

Manage both hard and soft services contracts, including budgeting, scheduling, workforce utilization, inspections, reporting, and regular communication with contractors to uphold the mall’s standards, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Pest Control
Security (Inc: CCTV, Paid Parking, Park Assist)
Traffic Management
Car Wash
High-Level Cleaning
Waste Management
Valet Service
LPG System
Mall Fragrance

Oversee the traffic management system, coordinating with the traffic team and scheduling maintenance and fine-tuning activities for various components such as barriers, counters, CPMS machines, and variable message signage. Also, manage taxi services and intelligent parking initiatives. Weekly summaries are provided to mall management.

Identify potential revenue-generating areas within the mall and propose conversion plans. Manage the cleaning contract, including staff scheduling and implementing cost-saving measures. Ensure compliance with all rules and regulations, focusing on tenant adherence to operating hours, delivery schedules, waste management, and promotional signage.

Achieve sustainability targets, particularly in waste management. Furnish Mall Management with necessary operational data and reports as requested. Uphold compliance with SMAM policies and guidelines, including health and safety protocols and sustainability initiatives.

Promote MAFP SMAM’s Code of Conduct and departmental policies. Encourage staff and third-party vendors to provide regular feedback and participate in performance reviews for continuous improvement. Establish a Fire Safety Program for mall activities and ensure training programs are provided for service providers and team members.

Foster an honest and collaborative work environment, leading by example to achieve common business objectives. Prepare scopes of work for third-party service providers and manage small-scale in-house projects. Address tenant issues and customer complaints promptly and keep track of incidents, accidents, and damages while liaising with property insurers for claims processing.