Materials Planning Officer

Full Time


Emirates connects the world to, and through, our global hub in Dubai. We operate modern, efficient and comfortable aircraft, and our culturally diverse workforce delivers award-winning services to our customers across six continents every day.

Job Role:
To execute the planning, initial-provisioning and Replenishment of aircraft spares including Retables, Buyer Furnished Equipment (BFE), Inflight Entertainment (IFE), tools, Consumables and Commercial in order to meet all Entry into Service (EIS), operational and maintenance demands in Line and Base Maintenance, post retrofit/refresh. Also to carry out inventory reviews in order to ensure optimum inventory levels and data accuracy.

Job Outline:
Regularly carry out reviews of the inventory/planning triggers, component/Repairable failure rate analysis in order to maintain optimum inventory levels. Liaise with various engineering sections to meet the requirements and optimize the inventory and maintain it to the established ground rules, compile accurate data and calculate float/Economical Ordering Quantity.

Ratable Planning, Inventory Control, Outstations & Operations Support :

Review inventory at outstations and ensure availability of required material and tooling for operational support. Coordinate with relevant Stores, Dispatch and Provisioning sections to ensure timely availability of materials.

Review Bill of Material for planned Maintenance Work Packages and coordinate with Material Planning, Procurement, Production Planning, Workshops, Engg Technical Services and External suppliers to arrange and procure required material & tooling for all scheduled and unscheduled requirements.

Carryout cycle counting and stocktaking of EK Inventory at DXB and Outstation stores, to ensure desired level of accuracy of inventory is maintained against physical stock levels.

Carry out Monthly & Quarterly reviews of Gross Stock Value, Service Levels, Inventory Float and Quantities, Usage and other Planning Parameters of Inventory Control Module in ERP system to ensure data accuracy.

Take action on all Aircraft On Ground (AOG) requirements for DXB from Maintenance Teams and ensure availability of required material and tooling by coordinating with different engineering sections, logistics providers and external vendors.

For AOG at outstations, source and arrange spares and tool required as per Maintenance Control Centre (MCC) instructions, by procuring or borrowing from other operators, vendors, suppliers or arrange dispatch of required spares and tools from DXB.
Material Planning Airframe, Engine, Cabin & IFE :

Maintain compliance with Material Planning procedures, methods and parameters applicable for different types/categories of aircraft parts to maintain cost effective stock levels.

Support objectives of supply chain metrics including measurement and control of AOG, Robberies, Shortages, SLAs, Surplus, Deferred Defects, Cycle Time, Backlogs and other KPIs. Escalate critical shortages, service failures and identify corrective actions to maintain performance, productivity and delivery at the agreed level.

Support periodic audits of inventory parameters including but not limited to Re-order point, Order Quantity, Lead Time, Average Monthly Usage (AMU) and recommend areas to improve metrics.

Assist in data collection from technical documentation relating to part basic, part relation and vendors within Ultra main to assist the alternate parts advice procedure & class change requests by drafting forms and collating supporting documentation needed for approval.

Initiate and plan actions to ensure materials availability to support operations at agreed service levels, in order to complete maintenance inputs and support the long- and short-term planning requirements of materials in a timely manner.

Carry out review of non-moving and slow moving items as per Surplus Review Plans and identify surplus stock items to reduce and optimize the inventory.

Carry out Initial Provisioning review of all spares and components for aircraft, engine, Cabin/IFE/BFE and commercial, by analyzing manufacturer recommendation and establishing requirements to be able to effectively support fleet growth and maintain dispatch reliability.

Manage and develop the performance of staff by using MyBC system/process to recognize high performance and put effective measures/development plans in place to improve performance while meeting departmental goals.
Qualifications & Experience
Engineering. Materials & Stores : 5+ Years
12 Years schooling or equivalent :
Experience in an airline or third party maintenance environment.
Experience in Airline/MRO Engineering Materials & Stores or in Supply Chain Management

Analytical skills Details of Safety Sensitive role Yes/No Working at height Yes/No Exposure to hazardous energy systems No Heavy lifting No Working in areas with motorized mobile equipment Yes/No Work in confined spaces No Contact with contaminations materials (Humans/Animals/Chemicals) No Contact with dangerous good No Work in an extremely noisy environment No Work in heat No Working with pressurized substances No Exposure to fixed protruding sharp objects No Exposure to contact with moving/falling objects. Yes/No Airport driving permit Yes/No Driving a vibrating equipment No Other ( please specify) No
Industry knowledge in various supply chain management is preferable (Warehouse and Logistics, Repairs Management, Material Planning/Support, Inventory Control & Technical Purchasing)
Good command of written and spoken English. – Knowledge of aircraft components and associated systems, and a sound experience of the ERP (Inventory Management) System