Maintenance Technician

Full Time

Alshaya Group

Alshaya Group is a dynamic family-owned enterprise, first established in Kuwait in 1890. With a consistent record of growth and innovation, Alshaya Group is one of the world’s leading brand franchise operators, offering an unparalleled choice of well-loved international brands to customers.

Position Description:
This role involves overseeing the efficient functioning of an Ammonia plant as well as all mechanical and electrical equipment within the designated operational area. The ideal candidate should be able to collaborate effectively within a team and follow instructions diligently. Responsibilities include ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations, adhering to standard preventive maintenance practices, and accurately documenting all maintenance and repair activities. Effective communication skills and relevant experience in mechanical and electrical operations in a manufacturing environment are essential qualifications.

Performance Responsibilities:
Implement scheduled cleaning of coolers and condensers according to the maintenance program.
Demonstrate proficiency in equipment and processes pertinent to engineering environments.
Familiarity with operational requirements specific to food manufacturing plants.
Collaborate with management to review and enhance existing systems.
Ensure all activities adhere to company Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality (SHEQ) standards.
Record and report maintenance activities accurately.
Manage spare parts inventory and maintain records of utilized components.
Exhibit the ability to independently complete tasks promptly and efficiently.
Utilize computer software such as Microsoft Office for documentation and reporting purposes.
Adherence to Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) schedules and execution of repair tasks.
Conduct regular inspections and monitoring of the Ammonia plant’s condition.
Document plant parameters by taking readings and maintaining accurate logbooks.
Carry out minor routine servicing and maintenance tasks on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, including defrosting cycles, manual operations as needed, and monitoring head pressure controls.

Areas of Focus:
Health and safety protocols in mechanical and/or electrical systems maintenance.
Maintenance and operation of mechanical and/or electrical systems.
Accurate record-keeping of maintenance activities.
Proficiency in fault analysis to ensure efficient troubleshooting.
Fundamental understanding of food hygiene and safety standards.

Professional Background:
With 3-5 years of hands-on involvement in food processing and Ammonia plant maintenance within collaborative team settings, I possess extensive experience in overseeing operations. My background includes supervision of subordinates, ensuring efficient performance, and meticulous record-keeping.

Skills & Expertise:
Equipped with M&E training and a reputable technical qualification, I boast a comprehensive understanding of MEP equipment. My proficiency extends to health and safety protocols, ensuring compliance and a secure working environment. I excel in supervisory roles, effectively guiding teams towards operational excellence.