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Emirates Flight Catering

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Job Role:
Maintain high standards of food safety by recording temperatures of raw, cooked and portioned food, inform the senior members of the department of any discrepancy, assist in the preparation of laboratory culture media and record the dish wash machine temperature and level of disinfection of potable water.

Job Responsibility:
The jobholder is responsible for maintaining high standards of food safety at EKFC by undertaking prescribed tests, scheduled inspections and checks to ensure that the food produced at the facility meets set standards and is safe. Given EKFC*s 24×7 catering operation, the Hygiene function assumes a critical role in ensuring that all locations of the company (including office areas, food premises and equipments) and the supply chain from procuring raw material to food production is food safe, pest free. The standards being adhered to in maintaining food safety are based on EKFC*s pre-established Hygiene & Safety Standards, Local Government Regulations and Airline Customers requirements.

Ensure the safety of the cooked food by monitoring the cooking and blast chilling time, the temperatures for First, Business, Economy Class and Special Meals and the time and temperatures during portioning, tray setting, dispatching and aircraft loading.

Monitor and record the chlorine level in water on a daily basis to ensure that it is within safe levels.

Inspect general appearance of the staff and report any deviations to the established grooming standard to the Food Safety Officer. Food Safety Assistant.doc – 2 –

Ensure proper disinfection of catering equipment by monitoring temperature of hot water in dish washing machine.

Ensure proper cleaning and sterilization of glassware used for laboratory analysis.

Ensure the safety of raw food by monitoring the defrosting product temperatures.

Ensure that the temperature level of raw material being received is as per defined standards.

Monitor and record the temperature of food during portioning, as portioned food leaves the Production to the Catering Department and during tray setting.

Apply the Quality Policy and Quality System established in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000 international standards and execute all responsibilities according to the department work procedures while reflecting EKFC Quality Policy.

Minimum Qualification: O or A level or equivalent qualification preferably with a background in science. Should have completed the intermediate level of Food Hygiene & Safety and completed minimum on job training and mandatory training.

Skills: Should have excellent communication skills and fluent in English Language. Should be able to work effectively as part of a team and organize own work.

Experience: Minimum 3 years general experience in a similar position in a food production company.

Refer to the Competency Directory for required competencies and detailed definitions.