Expert Operational Excellence in Emirates Steel

Full Time

Job Descriptions:
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
The role will champion and mentor asset management teams to drive continuous improvement and efficient all areas of Asset Integrity Management included but not limited to Training, Service excellence and quality. The role will create and embed improvement methods to ensure all service excellence principals are practiced. The role will ensure and develop mindsets and behaviors in line with business strategic goals to implement an excellence culture.

The prime contribution is to ensure the continuous improvement of Asset Integrity management processes to improve efficiency. The role is focused on eliminating waste and fosters a culture of sustainable change and continuous improvement through implementation of lean principals.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Defines and maps our current product and services processes and creates a future ideal state map of product and service value streams.
Creates and implements a plan to turn the current state map into the future state map using lean techniques.
identifying and eliminating unnecessary complexity (waste) within business processes.
Acts as the Lean subject matter expert and builds and maintains the foundation for continuous improvements by ensuring the effective functioning of Continuous Improvement events while
empowering operational staff and stakeholders to present ideas and create improvements and solutions
Leads and works with the Lean Team, and Operational managers in identifying activities, values and selecting kaizen events and ensure proper resourcing and preparation for those events
Ensures lean activities are linked to the business strategies and initiatives and develop a transformation plan in collaboration with Leadership Team.
Teaches lean tools to all levels of the organization (Kaizen, 5S, Standard Work, etc.)
Analyze Asset Integrity Management processes and custodian of understanding of Asset Management processes.
Leads and facilitates Lean & Process improvement training across the company to embed a Lean philosophy to support the delivery of better value and greater efficiency through the
Engages and mobilizes participation of the stakeholders and employees of various departments, suppliers and customers of the required changes before and as the plan

Roles & Responsibility:
Challenge Status quo to identify and deliver process opportunities
To get best results, organizations must make continuous improvement an integral part of their company culture. The Operational excellence specialist serve as coach who coordinate workshops and team trainings, openly sharing their guidance and technical expertise and ensuring that learning resources are widely available.
To provide leadership and undertake line management responsibility in line company management practices to maximize employee engagement and positive behaviors.
Act as internal consultants, developing short- and long-term strategies for the organization and incorporating Six Sigma, Agile, and other practices. Their goal is to facilitate progress and reduce costs, both in terms of sales and workflow inefficiencies.
Oversee and facilitate Continuous improvement processes for Asset Management
Oversee processes that support and hold the business to account on their improvement plans.
Coordinate and lead key projects for improvement across all levels of the Asset Integrity Management department. They may supervise several teams directly or collaborate with managers to re-engineer processes.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities
Excellent communication skills.
A strategic and analytical thinker with a professional and positive disposition.
Excellent math abilities and working knowledge of data analysis/statistical methods

Mature, confident and comfortable in dealing with a variety of contacts at all levels.
A keen understanding and respect of the need to maintain confidentiality when coming into contact with sensitive information.
Leadership and management skills with a keen attention to detail.
Knowledge, Skills and/or Abilities required
Uses sound judgement to evaluate and analyze information, and effectively resolve issues.
Ensure time management / payroll requirements are met. Minimum Education Qualification (Education Degree)
Bachelors in Engineering
Any preferred professional training
Accredited Six-Sigma greenbelt training, preferably Black Belt
Asset Management or Reliability Training
Impeccable computer Skills
SAP Trained
Experience in ISO certification
Professional Experience (Must haves)
In excess of 10 in manufacturing industry experience Management position.
5-10 years’ experience in continuous improvement related roles
Previous Experience/exposure Recommendations

Performance Indicators
Effective Communication (Middle Management & Senior Employees)
Innovation & Change Management
Leadership & Developing People
Planning, Executing & Decision Making
Technical Competencies
Working Condition Requirement Behavioural Competencies
Commitment to Result & Quality (Middle Management & Senior Employees)
Customer Orientation
Drive Health & Safety Culture (Middle Management & Senior Employees)
Concussion Low
Dirt Low
Dust Level Low
Exposure to Chemicals Low
Exposure to light Low
Exposure to sun Low
Gases & Vapors Low
Heat Level Low
Noise Level Low
Oil & Grease Low
Risk of Accident Low
Risk of Cold Low
Working in heights Low
Hindering Safety Gear Low
Humidity Level Low
Lack of light Low