Electrical Commissioning Engineer

Full Time

Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes our purpose is clear; We take energy forward making it safer, cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet. Our IET team provides industry-leading products and services that optimize the extraction, production and processing of energy. BRUSH Power Generation enhances Baker Hughes portfolio of electromechanical equipment, including electric generators, synchronous condensers, electric motors, and associated control power management systems.

The Field Service Electrical Engineer is generally responsible for providing electrical and winding repair services to customers operating a wide range of original equipment: generators, motors and ancillary systems.

Job Responsibilities:
Overhauling and clean large generators, including the necessary degree of mechanical strip down and re-build.
Promoting aftermarket business including activity relating to parts sales and the installation, commissioning, overhaul and maintenance of BRUSH supplied equipment. Desired familiarity with other equipment such as: GE EX2000, EX2100, EX2200, Bozler, Siemens, ABB, ALSTOM excitation, Load Commutating Inverters, silicon control rectifiers, and other generator control systems.
Composing detailed and concise technical reports for customer acceptance and documentation of work performed while on-site.
Attending technical meetings and functions as a liaison between the customer and BRUSH to help ensure the delivery of satisfactory services.
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Complying with OSHA, BRUSH, site specific, and other industry standard health and safety practices having jurisdiction to protect both life and property
Interpreting machine performance data, instrumentation readings, test values, specifications, technical requirements, and technical drawings to competently understand job scope requirements and assist in performance of job functions.

Job Roles:
Have a degree in Electrical Engineering from an accredited school and 2_yrs of field service experience with generator and/or winding experience
Demonstrate competencies with tooling such as the following: basic hand tools, multi-meters, megger, rigging, generator special tooling, and HIPot.
Familiarity with generator, stator, and rotor control curves, power generation setup and protection, and high voltage power distribution markets desirable.
Able and willingness to be prepared and available to travel when called upon and on short notice on a regular basis