E-Commerce Product Development Executive

Full Time
Job Description
Responsible for online content management, pricing & distribution and marketing activities for new online brands, working in close conjunction with the various stakeholders to optimize product performance and user experience, contributing to the departments growth in the digital marketplace.
Qualifications & Experience
Commercial/Sales. Other : 3+ Years Degree or Honors (12+3 or equivalent) : Knowledge/skills: – Preferably in Marketing/Advertising or a related subject. – Experience in online marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is preferred. – Experience having worked in an online B2C environment, preferably in the travel domain. – Knowledge of social networking, preferably having actively engaged in blogging. – Knowledge of direct consumer communication and the customer service experience required. – Knowledge of travel/community portals is preferable. – Analytical Skills, Solution focused, Methodical and logical in approach – Multi-GDS knowledge (Sabre, Galileo & Amadeus) is preferred
Salary & Benefits
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