Die Cutting Machine Operator

Full Time

Veesham Printing Press LLC

Veesham Printing Press LLC is a printing and packaging services company in Dubai established in 2003 to serve the requirements for business stationery, marketing material, promotional paraphernalia, event articles, gift items, wedding stationery, and personalized items.

It starts with a part called, unsurprisingly, a die. We are seeking an enthusiastic and energetic person who can perform the tasks.
Die cutting is a fabrication process that uses specialized machines and tools to convert stock materials by cutting, forming, and shearing. In printing, die cuts are used to create custom-label shapes and designs’ equipment to create or modify printed materials such as business cards, brochures, or labels.
Creating stencils using computer software to cut out shapes or lettering in materials such as vinyl or fabric.
Performing maintenance on equipment, such as replacing cutting blades or lubricating bearings, ensures it runs smoothly.
Positioning and aligning sheets of paper in the die-cutting machine to ensure accurate cuts.
Monitoring the condition of the paper, inks, and other materials used in the printing process ensures that they operate within safe parameters.
Operating machines such as cutting machines to cut materials according to specifications.
JOB TYPE- Permanent