Design Assistant Job in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Full Time

Landmark Group

Landmark Group is one of GCC's largest omnichannel retailers and India's top home and fashion retailer.

Job Details:
I aim to provide comprehensive support to my immediate team across various facets of trend analysis, design, and sampling.

Roles & Responsibilities:
Develop precise and detailed technical packs and ensure accurate documentation within the PLM system.
Maintain accountability for tracking and meeting tech pack deadlines as established by the Senior Designer.
Assist the team in creative endeavors including trend research, market analysis, and sourcing new fabric options, while also contributing to the creation of color palettes.
Manage the process of obtaining Licensor approvals by coordinating the submission of designs, samples, and artworks, and updating relevant online systems accordingly.
Maintain thorough records of communication from the initial concept to the delivery of final production samples.
Coordinate the procurement of seasonal color palette lab dips and create physical copies for distribution to the Buying team and Design Head.
Effectively communicate creative feedback and insights within the team.
Participate in tech pack workshop meetings with Buyers and Quality Control representatives.
Collaborate within a team dynamic, following instructions and executing tasks in an organized and professional manner.
Take ownership of a specific segment within a range or brand, focusing on the designated age group.
Demonstrate commitment to meeting timelines, including willingness to work additional hours when necessary to meet deadlines.
Manage all aspects of courier and sample sending, as well as cataloging newly acquired samples.